PTSD And Auto Accidents

Accidents do not just leave physical scars. The mental scars can be as bad or even worse. PTSD and auto accidents are known to go together. About 9% of those who get involved in such incidents eventually develop the condition. The risk of trauma is much higher for those who were already seeking mental health treatment when they got into an accident with estimates at 60%. Indeed,car crashes are said to be the biggest contributor to PTSD since the Vietnam War.

Those who have lost someone they care about in the crash will have a much higher risk of developing symptoms. It can be incredibly difficult dealing with such a sudden loss. There could be feelings of guilt,sadness,and anger. The same goes for people who were put in a life-threatening situation because of the injuries they sustained. The fear of getting into a similar situation becomes deeply ingrained in their minds ( get help with a car accident claim ).

The level of support received after the trauma is critical in the possible onset of PTSD or a complete recovery. Someone who has a strong support system may be able to work through the strong emotional responses brought about by the tragedy. Coping mechanisms can be put in place to help deal with anxieties and fears. On the other hand,a person who feels alone during this low point can descend even further down with negative thoughts spiraling out of control.

Individuals will PTSD can exhibit avoidance behaviors like refusing to get inside a car or steering clear of the highways. They might think that this keeps them safe but it only reinforces the belief that driving is a dangerous activity. Their fear response remains instead of going away. This type of pain and suffering can be included in the non-economic damages in car accident lawsuits,which can be calculated in full by your car accident lawyer .

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