Filing an Orange County Car Accident Report

When an accident happens,the police will visit the scene of the accident and prepare a report. Insurance companies usually use Orange County car accident reports in determining whether to offer compensation.

What if the Police Do Not Arrive at the Accident Scene and File a Report?

In such a case,you will need to visit a local police station and file a report yourself. Before you do so,you should collect all the evidence possible. Start by jotting down the details of the cars that are in the accident scene. You should also take photos. All these will come in handy when you are filling a report.

What Information Should You Include When Filing a Report?

Date of the Crash

This should indicate the exact year,month,date,and time. Noting the day of the week is also advisable.


You should be very specific. Indicate distinguishing landmarks,intersections,route,street,road,town,and county.

Driver’s Details

When still on the accident scene and the police have not yet arrived,you should politely ask to take the details of the drivers in the accident scene including license number,full names,phone number,and address. You should indicate these on your police report.

Vehicle Details

Note down all the vehicle details such as plate number,model,and make. You will include these on your police report.

Passengers and Other Witnesses

Passengers are the best witnesses to an accident,according to accident lawyer . Include on your report all the passenger information that you have. If possible,include the statements of third party witnesses. These witnesses are often times considered credible.

The Bottom Line

You cannot file a report on an accident that happens on a private property. The police report should be as accurate as possible. In most cases,Orange County car accident reports are on paper.

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